Roaming the Renaissance

thu 21 feb 2019 19:00 

Music from the 15th and 16th century. Music by French composers from the early 16th century.

Jean Mouton (approx. 1459-1522)
1. Celeste beneficium
Antoine de Févin (1487-1512)
2. Adiutorium nostrum
3. Nesciens mater
Pierre de La Rue (approx. 1460-1518)
4. Ave regina caelorum
Alamire conducted by David Skinner

Pierre Certon (approx. 1510-1572)
5. Missa pro defunctis, “Requiem”
Ensemble Vox Cantoris conducted by Jean-Christophe Candau

Antoine de Févin
6. Sancta Trinitas
Pierre de La Rue
7. Vexilla regis/Passio Domini
Alamire conducted by David Skinner


With thanks to Muziekweb in Rotterdam.

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