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Roaming the Baroque

sat 15 may 2021 11:00 hrs
Composers: Anoniem | Juan Hidalgo

Music from the 17th and 18th century. Spanish secular songs from the 17th century from the Guerra manuscript.

This hour features Spanish secular songs from the 17th century, so-called tonos humanos. These songs were written for one voice and basso continuo. While church music in the 17th century was still based entirely on the Renaissance, these songs show the Italian monody’s influence.

All songs originate from the so-called Guerra manuscript, which was probably compiled around 1680 by a copyist at the Spanish court. This suggests that these songs were mainly sung at court and in an aristocratic environment. The pieces were handed down anonymously. In some cases, the composer can be identified.

One of the most important composers of tonos humanos was José Marín. Juan Hidalgo is also well reperesented. He was the most important composer of incidental music of his time, and his songs were primarily composed for theatre.

From Guerra manuscript:
Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
1. Oyeme, escuchame

Juan Hidalgo (1614-1685)
2. ¿Quién es amor?

Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
3. Mayor es mi dolor
4. Que corriendo y volando

Juan Hidalgo
5. Rompe amor las flechas
Isabel Monar, soprano. Manuel Vilas, harp
(CD: “The Guerra Manuscript Volume 1” – Naxos 8.570135, 2011)

Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
6. Niña si encontrares

Juan Hidalgo
7. Ay de mi dolor

Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
8. Dichoso yo que adoro
9. Frescos airecillos
Juan Sancho, tenor. Ars Atlántica conducted by Manuel Vilas
(CD: “The Guerra Manuscript Volume 2” – Naxos 8.572876, 2012)

Juan Hidalgo
10. De las luces que en el mar

Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
11. Al aire, lisonjas

Juan Hidalgo
12. Sólo es querer

José Marín (1619-1699)
13. Filis, no cantes
14. Van y vienen mis pensamientos
Yetzabel Arias Fernández, soprano. Ars Atlántica conducted by Manuel Vilas
(CD: “The Guerra Manuscript Volume 3” – Naxos 8.573312, 2014)

Anonymous (17th century, Spain)
15. ¿A quién me quejaré? (transcription for harpsichord)
Bruno Forst, harpsichord
(CD: “The Guerra Manuscript Volume 5” – Naxos 8.574092, 2019)


Photo: Royal University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (where the Guerra manuscript is kept)

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