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Wandering the Medieval

sat 17 jul 2021 11:00 

Music from the 13th and 14th centuries. This episode is dedicated to Oswald von Wolkenstein (approx. 1376-1445), a poet of noble birth from South Tyrol.

Oswald von Wolkenstein made several journeys, to which a number of his songs refer. Uniquely, during his lifetime, his pieces were collected in two manuscripts. The title pages feature a portrait of the poet.
In this programme, we will hear a number of songs, interspersed with some instrumental works.

Oswald von Wolkenstein (approx. 1376-1445)

1. Durch aubenteuer tal und perg
2. Freu dich, du weltlich creatúr
3. Wol auff, wol an
4. Wer ist, die da durchleuchtet
Ensemble Leones olv. Marc Lewon
(CD: “The Cosmopolitan” – Christophorus CHR 77379, 2014)

5. Wach auff, mein hort
6. Frolich, zärtlich, lieplich
7. Mich tröst ein adeliche mait
8. Stand auff, Maredel
9. Herz, prich, rich, sich
Ensemble Unicorn olv. Michael Posch
(CD: “Frolich, zärtlich, lieplich … Liebeslieder – Raumklang RK 2901, 2011)

10. Es seusst dort her von orient
Ensemble Leones conducted by Marc Lewon
(CD: see 1-4)

11. Stampanie
Ensemble Leones conducted by Marc Lewon
(CD: see 1-4)

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