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Roaming the Renaissance

sat 7 aug 2021 11:00 

Music from the 15th and 16th centuries. In the upcoming Early Music Festival Utrecht 2021, one of the concerts is dedicated to a collection of chansons by Claude Le Jeune (1530-1600), which was published in 1603 under the title “Le Printemps”. In this programme a musical portrait of Le Jeune.


This concert takes place on Thursday 2 September at 17.00 in the Hertz of TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, and is provided by Doulce Mémoire.

In this programme a musical portrait of Le Jeune, one of the most important French composers from the second half of the 16th century.

Claude Le Jeune

Claude Le Jeune (1530-1600)
1. Psaume 96: Chantez à Dieu chanson nouvelle
2. Psaume 102: Seigneur, enten ma requeste
Ludus Modalis conducted by Bruno Boterf
(cd: “Dix Pseaumes de David” – Ramée RAM 1005, 2010)

Clément Janequin (1485-1558), bew. Claude Le Jeune
3. Le chant de l’Alouette
Claude Le Jeune
4. Première Fantaisie
Clément Janequin, bew. Claude Le Jeune
5. Le chant du Rossignol
thélème olv. Jean-Christophe Groffe
(cd: “Amours et Mars” – Coviello Classics COV 91908, 2019)

Claude Le Jeune
6. Voucy le verd et beau may
7. Mes yeus ne cesseront i’ point
8. Le bel’ aronde
9. Je l’ay, je l’ay la belle fleur
Ensemble Gilles Binchois conducted by Dominique Vellard
(cd: “Le Printemps” – Evidence EVCD069, 2020)

10. anonymous: Pavane La Bataille
thélème conducted by Jean-Christophe Groffe
(cd: see 3-5)


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