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Roaming The Classical Period

sat 4 sep 2021 11:00 

Music from the 18th century.

Every music lover knows the music of Joseph Haydn. He is one of the most performed composers of the classical period. The work of his younger brother Michael (1737-1806) is much less well-known and is relatively rarely performed, certainly in the concert hall. This programme is entirely dedicated to him. We hear three divertimenti for different instrumentations.

(Johann) Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
1. Divertimento for oboe, altviolin, bassoon, 2 horns and violone in G major(MH 518)
2. Divertimento for violin, altviolin, oboe, bassoon and violone in B flat major (MH 199)
(cd: “Little Things in Odd Shapes” – NovAntiqua NA 35, 2019)

3. Divertimento for violin, cello and basso continuo (P 99)
Salzburger Hofmusik conducted by Wolfgang Brunner
(cd: “Divertimenti” – CPO 999 230-2, 1993)

(Franz) Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
4. Adagio in F major (H XVII,9)
Christine Schornsheim, fortepiano
(cd: “Die Klaviersonaten – Gesamtaufnahme” – Capriccio 49 404, 2005)

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