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Roaming the Baroque

sat 6 nov 2021 11:00 
Composer: Johann Adolf Hasse

Music from the 18th century.

Music from the 17th and 18th centuries. This episode focuses on Johann Adolf Hasse, one of the most famous opera composers of his time (2nd half of the 18th century). His operas were performed throughout Europe, from London to Vienna and Milan.


Nowadays, Hasse is overshadowed by his contemporaries; only a few of his operas are still performed occasionally. The other parts of his oeuvre do not fare much better.
Reason enough to put him centre stage in this programme. We hear some cantatas and sonatas for traverso and harpsichord respectively

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)

1. Cantata “Lascia i fior”
Philipp Mathmann, soprano. Capella Jenensis conducted by Gerd Amelung
(cd: “Tormenti d’amore” – Querstand VKJK 2002, 2020)

2. Sonata for traverso and basso continuo in D minor, op. 1,11
3. Cantata “Clori mio ben”

4. Sonata for harpsichord in G major
Veronika Kralova, soprano. Elisa Cozzini, traverso. Federica Bianchi, harpsichord. Le Nuove Musiche conducted by Claudio Osele
(cd: “Hasse at home” – deutsche harmonia mundi 19075936422, 2019)

5. Cantata “Non ti sovvien, mia Fille”
Philipp Mathmann, soprano. Capella Jenensis conducted by Gerd Amelung
(cd: see 1)

6. Toccata in G major
Luca Guglielmi, harpsichord
(cd: “Harpsichord Sonatas” – Accent ACC 24255, 2013)


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