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Roaming the Renaissance

Songs from the 15th and 16th centuries, with an interlude of a harpsichord piece by Jakob Hassler.

Guillaume Dufay (about 1397-1474)
1. Puisque vous estez campieur
2. Vergene Bella
3. Je me complains piteusement
4. Quel fronte signorille
5. Hey, compaignons, resvelons nous
Performed by: Alta Bellezza
(CD label: Arcana, no. A122)

Charles Tessier (ca. 1550-?)
Airs de court:
6. Me voilà bors du naufrage’
7. ‘Quand le flambeau du monde quitte l’autre séjour’
Performed by Le Poème Harmonique conducted by Vincent Dumestre
(CD label: ALPHA no. 100)

Jakob Hassler (1569-1622)
8. Fantasia noni toni
Performed by: Léon Berben, klavecimbel (Franciscus Patavinus, 1561, German Museum Collection in Munich)
(CD label: Ramée No. RAM 0501)

Alexander Agricola (1497-1543)
16th-century printed scores in Nuremberg:
To andernaken up dem Ryn’.
10. Caecox
Performed by: Musicke & Mirth
(CD label: RaumKlang No. RK 2305)

Bartolomeo Tromboncino (ca. 1470-1535 or later)
11. ‘Che debbo far’
Performed by: Academia Strumentale Italiana conducted by Alberto Rasi
(CD label: Stradivarius No. STR 33516)

Joan Ambrosio Dalza (15th century)
12. ‘Colata per liuto
Performed by: Béatrice Pornon, lute
(CD label: Stradivarius No. STR 33516)

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