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Roaming the Renaissance

sat 8 jun 2024 11:00 hrs
Composer: Adam von Fulda

This entire episode is dedicated to one composer: Adam von Fulda (ca. 1445-1505). We will listen to his only mass, several sacral works and secular songs.

Adam von Fulda lived the first 45 years of his life at the Vornbach Benediktinerkloster, near Passau. When he got married, he had to leave the Abbey. He started working for Frederick the Wise, elector of Saxony, first as singer, later as history writer and finally as chapel master.

He mainly became famous because of his theoretical book ‘De Musica; from 1490. He was the first theorist to make a formal distinction between vocal and instrumental music. His body of work is quite modest: a mass, a Magnificat, several motets and hymns, three secular songs and one instrumental piece.

We will listen to his mass, several sacral works and his secular songs.

anonymous (Adam von Fulda?)
1. Seit ich dich Herzlieb leiden muss

Adam von Fulda (ca. 1445-1505)
2. Missa ‘Seit ich dich Herzlieb leiden muss’
3. Ach hülf mich leid
4. Apollo, aller kunst ein hort
5. Ach, Jupiter
6. Sancta Dei genitrix
7. Regali ex progenie
8. Ut queant laxis
9. Dies est laetitiae
Stimmwerck (Franz Vitzthum, alto. Klaus Wenk and Gerhard Hölzle, tenor. Marcus Schmidl, bass). Martina Bulla, cornett. Arno Jochem and Ann Fahrni, viola da gamba. Klaus Wenk, lute
(cd: “Messe, Motetten, Lieder” – Cavalli Records CCD 330, 2007)

Adam von Fulda
10. Mi fa mi re ut
Martina Bulla, cornett. Arno Jochem and Ann Fahrni, viola da gamba
(cd: see 1-9)

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