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sun 2 oct 2016 19:00 

A musical serial. Episode #18, Conte De L’incroyable Amour


The album Conte De L’incroyable Amour by Tunesian Oud player Anouar Brahem. An album similar to the album Astrakan Cafe, which we played last week. Conte De L’incroyable Amour contains a beautiful mid section where the oud steps aside and gives the main role to the Ney and Clarinet. A deep, quiet album that deserves to be played integrally.


00:52 Anouar Brahem – Conte De L’incroyable Amour
11:43 Anouar Brahem – Etincelles
15:06 Anouar Brahem – Le Chien Sur Les Genoux De La Devineresse
18:49 Anouar Brahem – L’Oiseau De Bois
23:37 Anouar Brahem – Lumière Du Silence
28:53 Anouar Brahem – Peshrev Hidjaz Homayoun
33:57 Anouar Brahem – Diversion
39:38 Anouar Brahem – Nayzak
45:10 Anouar Brahem – Battements
47:06 Anouar Brahem – En Souvenir D’Iram / Iram Retrouvée
53:07 Anouar Brahem – Epilogue



Conte De L’incroyable Amour, 1991, ECM 1457


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