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sun 9 oct 2016 19:00 

A musical serial. Episode 19: Nouvelle Vague (or: between Bola and Brahem)


Anouar Brahem released the album Souvenance in reaction to the Arabic spring in his home country Tunesia. Souvenance is a story that takes the listener from the initial shock and hazy streets to new hope and new desillusionment, to end in a calm after the storm. Music by electronic artist Bola serves as a counterpoint to Brahem’s floating melodies.



00:54 Anouar Brahem – Vague / (Bola – Sirancerre)
03:09 (Bola – Papnwea) / Anouar Brahem – Like a Dream
13:43  Anouar Brahem – Improbable Day
24:24 (Anouar Brahem – Ashen Sky) / Bola – Sirancerre
30:35 Bola – Eluus
39:50 Anouar Brahem – Ashen Sky
47:10 Anouar Brahem – Youssef’s Song
57:05 Anouar Brahem – Nouvelle Vague



Khomsa, 1995, ECM 1561

Gnayse, 2004, Skam SKALD015

Souvenance, 2014, ECM 2423/24


Sensenta is a programme about long attention spans. Every episode slowly changes hue, and every next episode picks up where the last one left off. This a creates a musical serial, a chain of episodes, touching on different genres at it goes. You’re welcome to join in and give us your opinion. Where should this chain go next? Send us an e-mail at, or follow Sensenta at Twitter and Facebook.

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