Sensenta | :: Radio

A musical serial. Episode 95.

Roll the drums! From New Zealand’s Minuit, passing Colin Stetson’s Transmission Trio we move into solo drums with Antonio Sánchez’ Birdman soundtrack.

00:50 Minuit – Do me in /
Red Snapper – Moonbuggy
03:10 Red Snapper – Space Sickness
06:45 Jonny Greenwood – Trench
Thought Gang – Headless Chicken
10:17 Transmission Trio – The life & times of farmer man-dog
21:07 João Lobo – Mynah
26:05 Antonio Sanchez – Birdman OST (Sensenta edit)
52:12 João Lobo – Bahííía /
Thought Gang – Headless Chicken /
Krysztof Penderecki – Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima
57:38 Dean Hurley and David Lynch – Slow 30’s room


Sensenta is a programme about long attention spans. Every episode slowly changes hue, and every next episode picks up where the last one left off. This creates a musical serial, a chain of episodes, touching on different genres at it goes. You’re welcome to join in and give us your opinion. Where should this chain go next?

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