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A musical serial. Episode 125: Viderunt Omnes

From modular synthesis to organum.

0. Sensenta Intro #1
1. State Azure – Desert Rings / Carbon / Timelines
2. Dark Flow – Redshift
3. Harrold Roeland – Daydreaming of Jupiter on a Bright Spring Day
4. Perotinus – Viderunt Omnes
(Kronos Quartet)
5. Perotinus – Viderunt Omnes
(Hilliard Ensemble)


State Azure: Modular Works, 2018, self-released
Dark Flow: E:/Music/Drone/Demo, 2014, Pantheon
Harrold Roeland: Daydreaming of Jupiter …, 2014, Roc√≥kon
Perotinus (Kronos Quartet): Early Music, 1997, Nonesuch
Perotinus (Hilliard Ensemble): Perotin, 1989, ECM

Produced by:
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