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sun 7 apr 2019 19:00 hrs

A musical serial. Episode 139: Setting Of Our Fifth Sun

Room for two quiet albums. The slowly developing world of Adzuki falls under the sunset of Brother Saturn’s Our Fifth Sun, and flows into Peter Kris’ warm Tape Selections.

0. Sensenta Intro #9

1. LJ Kruzer – Ter4 (Bewerkt)

2. Adzuki – Boiling Fountain
3. Adzuki – Salt Rain
4. Adzuki – Water Candy Lake
5. Adzuki – Wheat Flour Island

6. Brother Saturn – A Sinking Feeling
7. Brother Saturn – Setting of Our Fifth Sun
8. Brother Saturn – A Universal Error

9. Rhian Sheehan – Quietly Returning
10. Peter Kris – Countless Lifetimes

LJ Kruzer: Full Circle, 2018, A Stangely Isolated Place
Adzuki: Undeveloped Land, 2018, Shimmering Moods Records
Brother Saturn: Our Fifth Sun, 2018, eigen beheer
Rhian Sheehan: Seven Tales of the North Wind, 2011, eigen beheer
Peter Kris: Tape Selections, 2018, Shimmering Moods Records

Produced by:
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