Sensenta | Concertzender | Klassiek, Jazz, Wereld en meer
sun 29 sep 2019 19:00 

A musical serial. Episode 160: First autumn wave

From one sound source at a time to five, not because we can, but because we have to. Bing Satellites and Robert Heel bring warm, wavy drones punctured only by the voices of Brian Eno and Studio Pankow.

0. Sensenta Intro #4
1. Brian Eno – 2-1
(Josquin – De Profundis / Eno 2-1)
2. Bing Satellites – Another Room
3. Robert Heel – Hinterland
Studio Pankow – Jungfernheide / Linienbusse
4. Bing Satellites – Another Room
Brian Eno – 2-1 / 1-2

Brian Eno: Music for Airports, 1978/2018, Virgin
Josquin/Eno: Electronic mixture, personal archive program producer
Bing Satellites: Ambient Long Player, 2018, self-released
Robert Heel: The King of Groves, 2019, Shimmering Moods

Sensenta is a programme about long attention spans. Every episode slowly changes hue, and every next episode picks up where the last one left off. This creates a musical serial, a chain of episodes, touching on different genres at it goes. You’re welcome to join in and give us your opinion. Where should this chain go next?



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