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A musical serial. Episode 166: To Go Without

Here in Utrecht it’s completely dark again at 7pm. Excellent for quiet, floating music. Ricardo Donoso’s new album is finally released. After a heavy start we dive into the deep with Andrew Sherwell, Nunc Stans, Music for Sleep and Hirotaka Shirotsubaki.


0. Sensenta Intro #12

1. Ricardo Donoso – Forced Perspective
2. Andrew Sherwell – Without 05 v3
3. Nunc Stans – Determination / Almost Like We Belong
4. Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – Reminiscence
5. Andrew Sherwell – Without 01 v3
6. Music for Sleep – Waterforms


Ricardo Donoso: Re_calibrate, 2019, Denovali Records
Andrew Sherwell: Without, 2019, Shimmering Moods
Nunc Stans: Resolution, 2018, DataObscura
Hirotaka Shirotsubaki: 2017, Organic Industries
Music for Sleep: Waterforms, 2019, Shimmering Moods

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