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A musical serial. Episode 177: Machines learning 

“The resources for effective life that we seek in the digital realm now come encumbered with a new breed of menace. Under this new regime, the precise moment at which our needs are met is also the precise moment at which our lives are plundered for […] data.”

– Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, p. 53 –

0. Sensenta Intro #1

1. Veljo Runnel – Shrubland / Thunder
2. Med Gen – Solar Stream
3. Perelog – Introduction / Perelog
4. Frood of the Loop – Chicken Tikka Massaker
5. Gunter Schlienz – The Prophet Part Two
6. Kraftwerk – Morgenspaziergang (loop) / Harrold Roeland – Birdflu pt.1 (loop)


Veljo Runnel: Pindus Soundscapes, 2019, self-released
Med Gen: Terrapy, 2019, self-released
Perelog: Перелог, 2020, Pantheon
Frood of the Loop: Frood of the Loop, 2019, taping Desk O-phon Mania
Gunter Schlienz: Know Your New Age, 2019, Cosmic Winnetou
Kraftwerk: Autobahn, 1974, Philips
Harrold Roeland: Suspense of Disbelief, 2009, self-released

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