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A musical serial. Episode 198: Fading Dreams


0. Sensenta Intro #1

1. Plaid – Two Rooms (2)
2. Brother Saturn – Two Earths
3. Mäläskä – Green Glasses Don’t Make The World Green
4. Aphex Twin – Just Fall Asleep
5. Günther Schlienz – Gazing
6. Andrea Laudante – Pratah Smarami
7. Francis M. Gri – We Are Fading Dreams



Plaid: Heaven’s Door, 2008, Beat Records
Brother Saturn: Two Earths EP, 2014, eigen beheer
Mäläskä: First Day of Spring, 2020, Deserted Islands Music
Aphex Twin: Soundcloud
Günther Schlienz: Sterne Über Der Stadt, 2017, Pantheon
Andrea Laudante: Banat Banat Ban Jai, 2020, KrysaliSound
Francis M. Gri: Fall and Flares, 2017, KrysaliSound

Produced by:
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