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An educational programme featuring early music. Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), the 350th anniversary of his death. Part 1: Rembrandt’s biblical work. Today: Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem, Rembrandt van Rijn (1630)

Emilio de’ Cavalieri (1550-1602)
From Lamentaties 1600:
1. Prima Die. Lectio Primo (First day, first reading)
2. Prima Die. Lectio Secunda (First day, second reading)
3. Prima Die. Lectio Tertia (First day, third reading)

Gesualdo Consort Amsterdam conducted by Harry van der Kamp (CD Cavalieri Emilio – Lamentationes et Responsoria, Sony S2K 89925)

Robert White (ca. 1538-1574)
4. Lamentations

The Tallis Scholars conducted by Peter Philips
(CD Robert White – Tudor Church Music, Gimell CD Gim 030)

Johann Rosenmüller (ca. 1619-1684)
5. Lamentatio Jeremiah prophetae: Zum Karmittwoch (Holy Wednesday), First reading (chapter 1, 1-5)
6. Lamentatio Jeremiah prophetae: Zum Gründonnerstag (Maundy Thursday), First reading (chapter 2, 8-11)

Harry van der Kamp, bass. Period Instrument Ensemble
(CD Cantatas for Bass – Harry van der Kamp, Sony SK 68264)


Picture at the top of the page: Self-Portrait with Two Circles (ca. 1665-1669)

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