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Early Delights

Series about and with Catalan gambist and conductor Jordi Savall.

Today we start a new series titled ‘On Cloud Nine’. In it we bring you profane music: dance, songs, instrumental, some happy, some melancholic, from all over Europe. This episode we start with early baroque music from Monteverdi and Renaissance music from several French song composers. Followed by old and newly released works from the 18th century.

This episode mostly focusses on a CD filled with violin sonatas in a French-Italian style, by violist Théotime Langlois de Swarte accompanied by William Christie: “Générations”.

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
1 Ouverture
2 Simfonia
3 Venere: Udite, Domine, Udite
4 Ballo
5 Ballo
Les Arts Florissants conducted by William Christie
(CD Monteverdi, Madrigali & Selva Morale, Il Ballo delle Ingrate, HMX 2908773)

Pierre de la Rue (1460-1518)
6 Autant en emporte le vent

Nicolas Gombert (1490-1556)
7 Mille regres

Ninot le Petit (1460?-1502)
8 N’as tu poinct mis ton hault bonnet

9 La Brosse, basse danse pour viols

Adrian Willaert (ca.1490-1562)
10 Dessus le marché darras
Ensemble Clément Janequin conducted by Dominique Visse
(CD Les châteaux de la Loire, CD2 Une fête chez Rabelais, HMX 2908550.51)

Guiseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
11 Concerto in D minor, D45
– I Allegro assai
– II Grave
– III Presto
Gordan Nikolitch, violin. Orchestre d’Auvergne conducted by Arie van Beek
(CD Tartini – Four Violin Concertos, RRC 1283)

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764)
12 From Sonata in E minor:
– Gavotte. Andante grazioso

Jean-Baptiste Senaillé (1687-1730)
13 From Sonata in G minor:
I Préludio. Largo
II Allemanda. Allegro

Jean-Marie Leclair
14 Sonata in A minor:
I Allegro ma non troppo
II Sarabande. Largo
III Giga. Presto
Théotime Langlois de Swarte, violin. William Christie, harpsicord
(CD “Générations”. Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord – Jean-Baptiste Senaillé & Jean-Marie Leclair. HAF8905292, 2021)

15 Prélude improvisé
Théotime Langlois de Swarte, violin. William Christie, harpsichord

Special thanks to PIAS Amsterdam/Harmonia Mundi.

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