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Early Delights

Series about and with Catalan gambist and conductor Jordi Savall.

On Cloud Nine, episode 2. In this second episode of our new Concertzender series, On Cloud Nine, we will be listening to happy and sometimes racy songs and French folk melodies, heartfelt love songs and compositions by Antonio Falconieri, as well as a recently released performance of Vivaldi’s violin concerto RV 179a.

Performers: Doulce Mémoire, the United Continuo Ensemble with tenor Jan van Elsacker, and violist Théotime Langlois de Swarte and the Les Ombres ensemble.

1 Première suytte de Bransles d’Escosse
2 Prelude

Claudin de Sermisy (1490-1562)
3 Amour pense que je dorme

Pierre Sandrin (ca.1490-ca.1561)
4 Réveillez vous, mes damoyselles

5 Pavane première & Gaillarde première
6 Bransles de Bourgogne
7 Basses danses 3 & 1, Tourdions 8, 9 & 39
Doulce Mémoire conducted by Denis Raisin Dadre
(CD Que je chatoulle ta fossette, danceries – Pierre Attaignant, RIC 294)

Andrea Falconieri (ca.1585-1656)
8 Folias echa para mi Señora Doña Tarolilla de Garallenos
9 Begli occhi lucenti
10 Corrente dicha la Cuella
11 Rimirate luci ingrate
12 Cara è la rosa
13 L’Eroica
Jan van Elsacker, tenor. United Continuo Ensemble
(CD Dolci Sospiri – Andrea Falconieri, RK 3103)

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
14 Prelude in C major
15 Violin concerto in C major, RV179a ‘Per Anna Maria’:
I Allegro ma non poco
II Largo
III Allegro (reconstruction: Olivier Fourés)
Théotime Langlois de Swarte, violin. Les Ombres conducted by Margaux Blanchard, viola da gamba & Sylvain Sartre
(CD Violin Concertos – Vivaldi, Leclair, Locatelli, HMM 902649)

16 Gaillarde
Doulce Mémoire conducted by Denis Raisin Dadre
(CD Que je chatoulle ta fossette)


Pictured: Jan van Elsacker

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