Shake, Rattle And Roll

thu 8 jan 2009 16:00 

The Concertzender 25: Music of 1983. Tonight we celebrate the Concertzender anniversary by commemorating the year 1983 in various ways. What did the musical world look like in that year? For Shake, Rattle And Roll we focused on avant-garde rock for now and chose two classic albums from that genre, issued in 1983. Classic in the sense that both albums were strong and coherent from A to Z, in short both albums were and still are true gems. These gems are: Fluvial by Catherine Jauniaux, Cheap At Half The Price by Fred Frith and Les Premières Machines by Pierre Bastien.

Catherine Jauniaux.
1. Dream.
2. Une Escadrille de Sorcière.
3. Sweet Smell.
4. Dorese Treï  Babys.
5. Kebadaya.
6. Origine des Femmes.
7. Chanson de la Fraternisation.
Fred Frith.           
8. Some Clouds Don’t.
9. Cap the Knife.
10. Too Much Too Little.
11. Same Old Me.
12. Some Clouds Do.
13. Instant Party.
14. Flying in the Face of Facts.
15. Heart Bares.
16. The Great Healer.
Pierre Bastien.
17. Talou VII.