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fri 19 jun 2015 23:00 hrs

A party without borders! Compiled and mixed by DJ Bertú: Freaky Afro Funk mix

01. Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Mali Denou
02. Umoja – Konon Mousso
03. Vaudou Game – Lazy Train
04. Moussa Doumbia – Unité (DJ Julien Lebrun Edit)
05. Sia Tolno – Mama
06. Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Omebele (Makossa)
07. Keyboard – Hungry Man
08. Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel De Bamako – Get Up James
09. Nik Weston Presents Guynamukat vs Eufórquestra – Ogun (Spirit of Fela is Alive and Well ReEdit)
10. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Bursine
11. Yaaba Funk – Gyae me na mendwen [James Brown]
12. Ibibio Sound Machine – Uwa the Peacock (Eki Ko Inuen Uwa)
13. Nguenang – Wouck (Simbad Dirty Edit )
14. Eno – Hyde – DBF
15. Meridian Brothers – Un Príncipe Miserable y Malvado
16. Jungle By Night – Attila
17. Abel Lima Des Iles Du Cap Vert – Nos Maos
18. Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo (The mythical sound of northern Brasil) – Mingau de Açai
19. Cumbia All Stars – La Cumbia del Parisino
DJ Bertú plays Global Beats without borders and gets his inspiration and grooves from deep jungles and distant desserts but als the urban beats from cities and jams from around the corner. Since the early eighties he has been fascinated by African rhythms and he did not skip funk when listening in all the corners of the world with his ears wide open, which made him to compile his sets; Bertú takes you from Bamako to Bombay, Barcelona, Bahia, Buenos Aires, Bucharest and further.
In the past years DJ Bertú played at Mystic Grooves, Simba Ngoma, he is one of the residents of the GlobaLoca! clubnight in Utrecht and he frequently plays in Rasa, Utrecht.
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