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Solta a Franga

sat 16 jan 2016 00:00 hour

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Socrates: live at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

This time a live set, recorded at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, where DJ Socrates played frequently in the last couple of months. A feel-good mix of samba, cumbia, jazz, trip-hop, swing and a some sunny global funk & reggae. Laid back festive grooves for a winter evening with a glass of whine by the fire and a pleasant conversation.
01. DJ Farrapo & Yanez – Avisado
02. Mo’ Horizons – Bosshannover
03. Club des Belugas – Welcome to Brazil (Samba Soccer Mix)
04. Palov & Panama Cardoon – En Orbita
05. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Puro Rock
06. Ska Cubano – Soy Campesino
07. Los Pinguos – Cumbia
08. Los Miticos Del Ritmo – Cumbia Comejen
09. Los Mirlos – Sonido Amazonico
10. Mario Carniello – Cumbia En Do Menor
11. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Regresar a Cali
12. Harry Beckett – The Forgotten Man
13. Smoke City – Underwater Love
14. Skeewiff – Moscow Mule (feat. Frank Melrose)
15. Slightly Stoopid – 2am
16. Marti Nikko & DJ Drez – Jaya Radha Madhava
17. Radio Malanga – Barceloneta
18. The Meters – Cissy Strut
19. Pointer Sisters – Yes We Can Can
20. Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads
The DJ Socrates keeps on asking questions, just like the legendary philosopher. Look further, travel further within the music. A warm dazzling atmosphere is the aim at every performance, but the roads towards it are open. Socrates brings the music of the various countries together with a natural narrative flow. A psychedelic trip; an inflammatory dance floor set or a sun-drenched hedonist vibe. DJ Socrates like to surprise himself as well as the audience.

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