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sat 23 jan 2016 00:00 hour

A party without borders! Mixed DJ Safri: Baba Zula megamix.

A special episode of Solta a Franga, dedicated to just one band: Baba Zula.
Next Wednesday Januari 20 the band will perform at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam [link / facebook event]
Baba Zula originates from Istanbul and exists since 1996. They combine traditional Turkish instruments like saz, baglama, darbuka and wooden spoons with modern electronics, bass guitar and psychedelic dub effects. Animal sounds (birds, horses, peacocks etc.) play an important role as well.
DJ Safri has been a fan for years and even had the honour to play before after their live performance in Amsterdam. He gathered his favourite album tracks for this mix and combined them with a few exclusive remixes and a live recording. This mix has been received very positively by the band and is even being used by one of their belly dancers for her solo performance in Japan.
Baba Zula megamix:
1. El Filan Sallıyorum
2. Aşıkların Sözü Kalır
3. Tavus Havası
4. Tavus Havası ("Crossing the Bridge" version)
5. Abdülcanbaz
6. Bahar
7. Zaniye Oyun Havası
8. Zaniye Oyun Havası Belly Dance (live in Ost Klub, Vienna)
9. Biz Size Asik Olduk (Dub Mix)
10. Komşu / Neighbour
11. Kısaltmalar ("Limoncu" Version) (Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar mix)
12. Cecom (Remix)
13. Gerekli Seyler (Dub)
14. İskender (Dub)
15. Istanbul Cocuklari (Dub)
16. Istanbul Cocuklari (DJ İpek İpekçioğlu & Pasha remix)
All tracks by Baba Zula.
Originating from the albums:
– Tabutta Rövasata (1996) [3]
– Üç Oyundan Onyedi Müzik (1999) [1,6]
– Ruhani Oyun Havaları (Psychebelly Dance Music) (2003) [9]
– Duble Oryantal (2005) [7,13,15]
– Kökler (Roots) (2007) [2, 14]
– Gecedondu (2010) [5,10]
and of the compilations:
– Crossing the Bridge – The sound of Istanbul (2005) [4]
– Crossing the Bridge – Earbook (2005) [12]
– East 2 West : Crossing Continents (2006) [11]
– Ost Klub – Kapitel 2 (2008) [8]
– Doublemoon Remixed II (2009) [16]
Guest musicians a.o.:
Mad Professor (mix & effects) [7,9,13,15]
Brenna MacCrimmon (vocals) [6,11,12]
Sly & Robbie (drums/bass) [13]
Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten; bass) [4]
Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation; bass) [5,10]
Thierry ‘Titi’ Robin (bouzuki) [10]
Selim Sessler (clarinet) [6]
DJ Safri is one of the leading worldgroove DJs of the world. In 2003, He was one of the first to play ‘Mystic Grooves’, at the popular dancing nights in a.o. Rasa, Melkweg and Tivoli. Since 2008, Safri is one of the residents of the monthly ‘GlobaLoca!’ nights in the SJU in Utrecht. In addition, he plays across the country and occasionally, outside the country.

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