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Solta a Franga

fri 29 jan 2016 23:00 hour

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ QoQonut: Cabo Verde mix.

QoQonut, who moved from Nijmegen to Rotterdam, is inspired by the different cultures of the city. This Cape Verdean mix has come about through a record collection one of QoQonut’s neighbours gave him. On the pretext of ‘this music needs to be shared’, the music came into QoQonut’s hands who was lucky enough to make the sharing possible.
01. Bonga – Malembe-Malembe
02. Korda scrabu! Kaoguiamo – 21 Di Sitebmru 72
03. Pedrinho – E ca Home Qui Dabo el
04. O Sol Nasceu Evolucao Afrika – Rosa Maria
05. Si agu mar bira Grogo – Nha Vida Ana
06. Bulimundo – Sentimento Caboverdeabo
07. Jose Casimiro Mensagem – Ugo
08. Tulipanegra – Merengeu
09. Agepe – MAMA
10. Si agu mar bira Grogo – Fronta Ku Sabi
11. Africa Star – Afrika Star
12. Longino – St Amaro
13. Bulimundo – Dimocracia
14. Island Boys – Ba Pa Medara
15. Bulimundo –  Santo Antoni La Belem

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