Solta a Franga | Concertzender | Klassiek, Jazz, Wereld en meer

Solta a Franga

fri 19 feb 2016 23:00 

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Bertú.

A new mix by DJ Bertú: Afro-Latin is the starting point from Lima to Luanda. With particular attention to fresh records by Novalima – ‘Planetario’ (& Remixes), Petrona Martinez – ‘Petronica’ and Rocky Marsiano – ‘Meu Kamba, Vol. Dois’.
01. Novalima – Como Yo
02. Bixiga 70 – Mil Vidas
03. Petrona Martínez – Oye Mi Mama [feat. Aiff]
04. Quitapenas – Mas Tropical
05. Quantic – La Plata (feat. Nidia Góngora)
06. Sidestepper – Magangué
07. Rocky Marsiano – Mano Gula
08. Grupo Fantasma – Esa Negra
09. Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Quem Vem Lá
10. Petrona Martínez – Gavilan Negro
11. Quitapenas – Papaya
12. Rocky Marsiano – Ordem Inversa
13. Maska – Pale Paleya (Jose Marquez Edit)
14. Lord Nelson – Shango (Daniel Haaksman & DJ Beware Remix)
15. Novalima – Beto Kele (Jose Marquez Remix)
16. Petrona Martínez – San Cayetano 3.0 (Remix) [feat. DJ Panko]

DJ Bertú plays Global Beats without borders and gets inspiration and grooves from deep jungles and faraway deserts but also uses urban beats from the city and jams from around the corner. Since the early 80s, Bertú has fallen under the spell of African rhythms and funk and nothing could stop him from keeping his ears wide open in all corners of the world and compile his sets with everything he hears. Bertú takes you along from Bamako to Bombay, Barcelona, Bahia, Buenos Aires, Bucharest and beyond.

In the last few years DJ Bertú played at Mystic Grooves, Simba Ngoma and is one of the residents of GlobaLoca! club night in Utrecht. He can also regularly be found at Rasa, Utrecht.