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Solta a Franga

sat 11 jun 2016 00:00 

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Rafadelic: Planet Earth Soundsystem.

Planet Earth Soundsystem
Little downtempo and uptempo trips to all corners of the world with releases from 2016 by artists like Mop Mop, Drew’s Theory, Mo Horizons, Intiche, Golden Dawn Arkestra and Cerrone.
Next to that, some gems that are a bit older and of course quite a few beats and sounds by DJ Rafadelic himself. Dowsed with a trip-hop sauce this has become another adventurous trip filled with cumbia, latin, afrobeat, mestizo, dub, bossa, balkan and other mondial sounds.
01 The Herbaliser – The Lost Boy (Colman Brothers Remix) [Department H, 2012]
02 Intiche – Trenzas [Organico Electronativo  2016]
03 Mop Mop – Spaceship Earth [Agogo Records, 2016]
04 Zionoiz – Root(s) Confusion [No Label, 2016]
05 DJ LK – Numa Nice Numa Boa [Royal Soul Records, 2013]
06 Drew’s Theory – Original Swagger [Version Collective, 2016]
07 Golden Dawn Arkestra – Shabuki [Modern Imperial, 2016]
08 Palov And Mishkin – Muchachos [Rebtuz, 2007]
09 Frikstailers – Knippelsuppe [ZZK Records, 2011]
10 Nym – Cuckoo [Not On Label, 2013]
11 Kratos Himself – Ayahuasca [Jus Like Music Records, 2013]
12 Kalpataru Tree – Welcome To The Dawn [Lost in Sound, 2015]
13 Raan – Pao [R2An-Recordz, 2014]
14 Biggabush – Shark Fin Afro Dub [Bandcamp, 2014]
15 Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan (Yamin Remix) [No Label, 2013]
16 Brooklyn Gypsies – Sin Fronteras [Wonderwheel Recordings, 2015]
17 Cerrone – 2nd Chance (Mind Enterprises Remix) [Because Music, 2016]
18 Mo Horizons – Jungle Affair (Soul Session Remix) [Agogo Records, 2016]
19 La Troba Kung-Fu – Rumbasoltes [GREC, 2014]
20 Homenaje A Justino – SocavÛn (Rktkt’s Dark Roast) [Latino Resiste, 2012]
21 Brace And Kabanjak – You Are Mine [Switchstance, 2012]
22 Los Impagaos Feat Txarly Brown – Como Llueve (Wet Discoteque Remix) [Ventilador Music, 2009]
23 Watcha Clan – El Quinto Regimiento (Savages Y Suefo Remix) [Piranha, 2012]
24 Grupo Los Yoyi – Ruta 30 [Black Pearl Records, 1977]
25 Boost Phillis – A Pattern Emerges [Hobo Truffles, 2014]
Rafadelic is active as a DJ and producer since the nineties. Under different names he brings a unique set for connoisseurs again and again at dance parties, cultural events and festivals. From refined jazz to solid electronic beats and from pure roots to worldly cross-pollinations. Using his own beats, samples and re-edits, he succeeds in summarizing his quest for essential music every time in a very surprising way.