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Solta a Franga

sat 7 mar 2009 00:00 

A party without borders. This week compiled by DJ PolyEsta.

DJ PolyEsta, Esta Goossens, plays Global beats & Exotic Grooves or worldly dance rhythms. In her music selection she does not limit herself to borders between countries, cultures or styles. In recent years PolyEsta played at different clubs and festivals including Paradiso, Gaypride and Lowlands, and in various places in India. She is one of the resident DJs of Ruigoord.
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1. “Coba Guarango “– Nova Lima
2. “El Micrófono (Nickodemus Remix) “– Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
3. “Mavi Boncuk (Bakkal mix)” – Techno Roman Project
4. “Balkan Babylon” – Forty Thieves (Aidan Love)
5. “Vhavenda” – Revolution feat P. Tabane
6. “Afrodisco” – Zeb (Moreno Visini)
7. “Harem Bizarre” – Kaya Project
8. “Pretexte – Transglobal Underground remix” – Aiwa
9. “Chocolate Butterfly – Vono Box DJ’s remix “ – Dunkelbunt
10. “ Ching” – Swami (Diamond Duggal/ Spencer A. Graham)
11. “O Calambeque- XRS remix” – Roberto Carlos
12. “Waguignio” – Academia de Furacao i
13. “Ma Kayen Walou Kima L’Amour – Playgroup remix” – Cheikh Sidi Bemol