Solta a Franga

sat 14 feb 2009 00:00 

A party without borders. Composed this week by Nohmada.

Nohmada is a Belgian DJ duo consisting of Jeroen Bijl and Christiaan De Beukelaer, living in Ghent and Amsterdam respectively. Starting out as fanatic music collectors, they now travel around the world to share their favourite music with others. With a mix of swinging gypsy, Balkan and world music they let you have a taste of the riches of various cultures in a splendid party!
See also www.nohmada.com
and www.myspace.com/solta_a_franga
Warsaw Village Band – I Slayed the Rye (Powalem)
Mercan Dede – Hayalname
DJ Cheb i Sabbah/Michal Cohen – Im Ninalou (If the Doors Are Locked)
Transglobal Underground – Radio Unfree Europe
Mitsoura – Lei Toi
Shukar Collective – Bar Boof
pete namlook and burhan ocal – nerden_geliyorsun_part_1
pete namlook and burhan ocal – nerden_geliyorsun_part_6
Eastenders – Misterio
La Caravane Electro – Radio ©