Solta a Franga

sat 24 aug 2013 00:00 

A party without borders! Compiled by DJ Bertú: Fela Kuti homage mix.

DJ Bertú on Lowlands 2011. In Fela Kuti T-shirt!

Solta a Franga DJs Bertú and Safri are playing this weekend on Lowlands festival: on Sunday 18th of August they will heat up the crowd on location ‘Lima’ with ‘Afroodoo’: various Afro sounds with of course a special treat for ‘the man with whom it all began’: Fela Kuti! And his heirs. As a starter and tribute, DJ Bertú made a mix of Fela tracks, covers and work of his sons Femi and Seun Kuti.Fela Kuti Ayé!!!
01.    Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
02.    Seun Kuti – African Soldier
03.    Wganda Kenya – Shakalaodé
04.    Roy Paci & Aretuska – Fela Kuti Aye!
05.    Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight
06.    Femi Kuti – What Will Tomorrow Bring (Joe Claussel Remix)
07.    Egypt 80 / Mokobé / Seun Kuti – Sur Les Traces de Fela
08.    Ondatrópica – Chop ‘n’ Quench
09.    Femi Kuti – Carry On Pushing On
10.    Seun Kuti – The Good Leaf
11.    Fela Kuti – Zombie
12.    D’Angelo/Femi Kuti/Macy Gray/Nile Rodgers/Positive Force/Roy
        Hargrove/The Soultronics – Water No Get Enemy (Intro)
DJ Bertú mixes Global Beats without borders and he gets his inspiration and grooves from deep jungles and far away deserts but also from the urban beats of cities and jams on the corner.As of the early eighties, he has been fascinated by African rhythms and funk and ever since he listened to music from every corner of the world, out of which he compiles his sets: Bertú takes you from Bamako to Bombay, Barcelona, Bahia, Buenos Aires, Bucharest and further.In most recent years, DJ Bertú has been mixing at Mystic Grooves, Simba Ngoma, he is one of the residents of GlobaLoca! clubnight in Utrecht and he performs on a regular basis in club Rasa, Utrecht.
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