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sat 28 dec 2013 00:00 

A party without borders! Compiled by DJ Bertú: Fresh & Vintage mix

Fresh & Vintage mixed by DJ Bertú
01. Da Lata – N.Y.J. (feat. Diabel Cissokho)
02. Jungle By Night – Gallowstreet (Work It Out Remix by Rich Medina)
03. Ben Zabo – Démocratie
04. Carlo Lamartine – Bazooka
05. Abelardo Carbonó Y Su Conjunto – Carolina
06. Koffie – Éh Lady
07. Los Chicos Altos feat Palo Q’Sea – La Canoa
08. Kinky Electric Noise – Rastrillo del Mundial
09. Jungle Fire – Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar)
10. The Liberators – Cairo Uprising
11. Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos – Piraña
12. Abelardo Carbonó Y Su Conjunto – La Negra Kulengue
13. Les Loups Noirs D’haiti – Jet Biguine
14. Kito – Bongololo
15. Carlos Lamartine – N’Congo Jami
16. Juaneco y su Combo – La Cumbia Del Pacurro
17. Hammond Classics – Cumbiamba
18. Easy Kabaka Brown – Belema

DJ Bertú plays Global Beats without borders and gets his inspiration and grooves from deep jungles and distant desserts but als the urban beats from cities and jams from around the corner. Since the early eighties he has been fascinated by African rhythms and he did not skip funk when listening in all the corners of the world with his ears wide open, which made him to compile his sets; Bertú takes you from Bamako to Bombay, Barcelona, Bahia, Buenos Aires, Bucharest and further.
In the past years DJ Bertú played at Mystic Grooves, Simba Ngoma, is one of the residents of the GlobaLoca! clubnight in Utrecht and he play on a regular basis in Rasa, Utrecht.
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