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sat 15 mar 2014 00:00 

A party without limits! Compiled by DJ Socrates: Road-Trip mix

This time, a "road-trip" mix. Inspired by a backpack adventure through North America, stopping at diners, motels and hostels, and continuing on. Landscapes that change from deserts to snowy forests, raw urban jungles, laid-back coffee houses, jazz cafes and burrito delis, different cultures that intertwine effortlessly.. The memory of that eclectic atmosphere in which the present and the past seem to be merged together; I put that in the mix. Melodious triphop, swing & bluegrass, latin crossover, 60s ska, funky soul and a touch of New Orleans jazz.
01. Nicolas Repac – Negro Digital
02. Smokey Bandits – Smoke From The Attic (DJ Farrapo remix)
03. Quantic – Cuidad del Swing
04. Cyril Noir – Gal from Joe’s (Bohemian Remix)
05. The Hot Club Of Cowtown – You Can’t Break My Heart
06. Palov – The Dude (feat. Faye)
07. Barrington Levy vs Jurassic5 – Hypocrites (Larry Skg Mash Up)
08. One Be Lo – Roots (DJ Inko Remix)
09. Outlines – Show Me (feat. Beat Assailant)
10. Panama Cardoon – Moliendo Cafe
11. Ry Cooder – Chinito Chinito
12. Grupo Fantasma – El Desconocido
13. Cumbia Tokeson – Los Santos
14. The Lions – Givin Up Food for Jah
15. Ras Alan – Rastafari I Ridge
16. The Pioneers – I Need Your Sweet Inspiration (Justin Robertson Mix)
17. Prince Buster – Cincinnati Kids
18. The Granville Williams Orchestra – Hi-Life a.k.a. High Life a.k.a. Happy Brass
19. Bill Coday – When You find a Fool blimp his Head
20. Gypsy Brown – Life Is A Trip (Mo’ Horizons Mix)
21. The Worldstylers – The Rhythm
22. Turk Murphy Band – St James Infirmary

DJ Socrates specializes in creating a warm, brimming atmosphere. Moving playfully between the familiar and the adventurous, Socrates makes connections between music from different countries. He builds his sets with a jazzy approach and a generous shot of sunshine, during which strong club sounds can crop up, but where roots and inspiration of the music take priority.
Among others, Socrates plays for Red Light Radio, Tivoli in Utrecht, Canvas & Roest in Amsterdam and festivals such as the Nacht van de Kaap (Night of the Cape) in Rotterdam.