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Solta a Franga

fri 2 feb 2018 23:00 

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Rafadelic: Global Technology.



A mix wherein drum computers, samplers, sequencers and more traditional instruments fuse to futuristic vibes. From hypnotizing desert to tropical rainforest and from innercity metropole to mediterranean island… The journey is the destination… mixed by DJ Rafadelic.

01. Noah Slee – Kamataanga (Intro) [Majestic Casual Records, 2017]
02. Miles Mosley – Fire [Verve Records, 2017]
03. Arms And Sleepers – Manana Manana [Self Released, 2017]
04. Birocratic – The Ballad Of Saxy Susan [Self Released, 2017]
05. Mr Toe – Icaro Mariri [Regional Label, 2017]
06. Birocratic – Disco Dan Adjusts To Suburban Life [Self Released, 2017]
07. Pantasonics – Deep In The Jungle [Self Released, 2017]
08. Argyria – Divine Treasure [Mystic Sound Records, 2016]
09. Mat the Alien – MTA (Adham Shaikh Remix) [Really Good Recordings, 2017]
10. Terrestre – El Lado Oscuro De Mi Compadre [Mil Records, 2001]
11. The Poets Of Rhythm – Moira [Ninja Tune, 2001]
12. WaqWaq Kingdom – I Would Like To Let You Go [Jahtari, 2017]
13. Guts – Drummers Delight (Instr.) [Heavenly Sweetness, 2017]
14. Dissolv – Redwood Rising [Gravitas Recordings, 2017]
15. Samarana – Swahili [Tropical Twista Records, 2017]
16. Die Orangen – Yaranabe [Malka Tuti, 2017]
17. Ezy And Isaac – Let Your Body Move [Rifi, 1977]
18. Soul Sugar – All I Know [Gee Recordings, 2015]
19. Kelly Lee Owens – Bird [Smalltown Supersound, 2017]
20. Knautic – Tribal Knowledge (Daega Sound Remix) [East Van Digital, 2017]

Rafadelic is active as DJ and producer since the 90s. Under diverse aliases he, time and again, produces a unique set for connoisseurs on dance parties, cultural events and festivals. From refined jazz to solid electronic beats and from pure roots to worldly cross-pollinations. With the use of his own beats, samples and re-edits he knows how to summarize his quest for essential music in a surprising manner over and over again.

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