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Solta a Franga

fri 30 mar 2018 23:00 CET

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Safri, Socrates, Bertú, Rafadelic…

Eastern Bloc Beat Party

  • Theo Schumann Combo – Luchs (GDR)
  • Polanie – Nie Zawroce (PL)
  • Iskre – Pepermint Twist (Jugo)
  • I Delfini – Delfino Time (Italy)
  • Theo Schumann Combo – Korallenriff (GDR)
  • Tomi Sovilj i Njegove Siluete – Stoj (Jugo)
  • Bezimeni – Crossfire (Jugo)
  • Electra  Combo – Die Erde Is ‘ne Kugel (GDR)
  • Czerwone Gitary – Rytm Ziemi (PL)
  • Pavol Hammel & Prudy – Dam Ti Lampu (Czechoslovakia)
  • Skaldowie – Prześliczna Wiolonczelistka (PL)
  • Džentlmeni – Kraj Snova (Jugo)
  • Filipinki – On Jest Tu (PL)
  • Prah – Hej Ti, Me Slišiš? (Slovenia)
  • Halina Frąckowiak – Idę Dalej  (PL)
  • Electra Combo Uber Feuer (GDR)
  • Mladi Levi – Zaznamova  (Slovenia)
  • Bob Roy Orchestra -Mr. Fuzz (PL)

Maxim ‘Goldfinger’ originally comes from Russia, but nowadays resides in Amsterdam. He’s a music producer, collector and wide screen DJ. He runs his own label, KidNap Records, gets involved with live music projects, such as RaagMala Suite and Frame 25, and was resident DJ at ‘Vrijdagavond in Van Gogh Museum’ (Friday night at the Van Gogh Museum). He is also the coordinator world music at the Concertzender.

DJ Goldfinger on Mixcloud

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