Sound of movies

sat 22 nov 2008 21:00 
Composer: Johnny Mandel

In the series Jazz in Film: Johnny Mandel (3).

1. I Want to Live! (1958).
Studio orchestra led by Johnny Mandel.
Met Bill Holman, tenor and baritone saxophone.
Joe Maini, alto saxophone.  Jack Sheldon, trumpet.
Russ Freeman, piano.
 Larry Bunker, vibraphone & drums.
Harry Klee, flute & piccolo. Abe Most, clarinet.
Al Hendricksen, guitar.
‘The Jazz Combo From I Want To Live!’
led by Gerry Mulligan.
2. Point Blank (1967).
Studio orchestra led by Johnny Mandel.
With Paul Beaver, electronic instruments.
Bud Shank, flute. Sharon Acker, vocals.