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Sound the Trumpet, Strike the Viol!

Early Music expert Kees Koudstaal serves up the most wonderful and recent classical and Early Music CD’s

Today, old music expert Kees Koudstaal has selected new albums by Dialogos, Graindelavoix, Café Zimmermann, Korneel Bernolet and Duo Pleyel.

1. Music from the ‘Winchester Troper’ (Winchester ca. 1000)
a. ‘Regem regum dominum…’
b. ‘Alleluia. Via lux veritas…’
Performers: Dialogos conducted by Katarina Livljani
(cd: ‘Swithun!’, Arcana A491, 2021)

2. Josquin Desprez (ca. 1450-1521)
– ‘Nymphes de bois’
Performers: Graindelavoix conducted by Björn Schmelzer
(cd: ‘Josquin the Undead’, Glossa GCD P32117, 2021)

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) / Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1785)
– Adagio en Fuga KV 404a (to BWV 527 & 1080)
Performers: Café Zimmermann
(cd: ‘The imaginary music book of Bach’, Alpha 766, 2021)

4. Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)
– Concerto in Judas Maccabaeus HWV 305a/b
Performer: Korneel Bernolet, Dulcken-harpsichord (1747)
(cd: ‘Grand Tour’, Ramée RAM 2009, 2021)

5. Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)
– Sonata in B flat major gr. Opus 67/3 (C. 232)
Performers: Duo Pleyel: Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya and Richard Egarr, fortepiano
(cd: ‘Complet original works for piano four hands’, Linn CKD 642, 2021)

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