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Sound the Trumpet, Strike the Viol!

sun 20 nov 2022 11:00 hrs

Early music expert Kees Koudstaal dishes out new CDs by Lux Beata, Ars Antiqua Austria, Accademia Ottoboni and Philippe Herreweghe.

Makar Yekmalian (1856-1905)
1. “Amen, Saint Père”
Sayat Nova (1712-1795)
2. “Ashkarums akh chim qashi”
Performers: Lux Beata conducted by Fredrik Hildebrand
(CD: ‘Les Vergers Musicaux’, Flora 5121, 2022)


Amandus Ivanschiz (1727-1758)
3. Sinfonia in D a 4 Stromenti: Violino 1, Violino 2, Viola obligato e Basso
Performers: Ars Antiqua Austria conducted by Gunor Letzbor
(CD: ‘Chamber music at the Abbey of Lambach’, Challenge Classics CC72913, 2022)


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788)
4. Fluitsonate in g kl, BWV1020/H 542.5
Performers: Accademia Ottoboni
(CD: ‘Light and Darkness’, Arcana A537, 2022)


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
5. “Christus am Ölberge”, Opus 85:
a. Introduzione
b. Recitatief “Jehova, du mein Vater!”
c. Aria “Meine Seele ist erschüttert”
Performers: Sebastian Kohlhepp, tenor. Collegium Vocale Gent en Orchestre des Champs-Élysées conducted by Philippe Herreweghe
(CD: ‘Beethoven – Christus am Ölberge’, PHI LPH039, 2022)

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