wed 14 jan 2009 13:00 
Composer: Malando

MALANDO— the original! Part 2, Part 2 the 78 rpm era, continued.

When Arie Maasland revealed his fourth tango composition to his friends of the orchestra The Jumping Jacks, of which Maasland was the drummer, pianist, or accordionist, they were immediately enthusiastic. “You should release it”, they advised him. Arie went to a publisher with his tango “Cosmopolite” but he wasn’t interested. Publishing was expensie and there were already many tangos in existence. Arie then proposed to pay half of the publishing costs himself. That would cost him 60 guilders (now approximately $650/£430), quite a serious amount for that time (1936). “Cosmopolite” was a ‘little present’ from Arie to the manager of the establishment ‘Cosmopolite’ in Rotterdam where The Jumping Jacks played back then. The publisher, however, turned it into “Olé guapa” and we know by now that this tango would conquer the world in a very short time. The sheet music of “Olé guapa” is spread globally by no less than 16 different music publishers. One of these sheets reads: ‘La sensación del año’ or ‘The sensation of the year’. Ten years would pass before MALANDO himself finally records the tango, in 1946 to be precise, the tango he had composed already ten years before that. Just a few random pieces of information from the success story of Malando.
In this second episode we continue with the 78 rpm era (in Germany as well), although the first 10" LPs had already made an appearance. The 78 rpm records you will hear during this second episode are also from the entire collection of Chris Brugma.