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Stubborn Student

tue 2 aug 2022 20:00 

The bumpy relationship between Beethoven and Haydn.

By 1807, Beethoven had already established quite a reputation as a composer of instrumental music. But then he received a honourable commission from Prince Esterhazy: to write a mass. Beethoven liked a challenge, but had absolutely no experience with religious music. Plus, he felt intimidated by the series of inimitably beautiful masses that Haydn composed for the royal house in his latter days. And Haydn’s successor Hummel had already earned his spurs in that particular area, too. Now it was Beethoven’s turn to prove himself up to the task. He wrote a mass in C major, but it did not please the monarch very much. Fortunately, most people don’t share Esterhazy’s distaste for the piece nowadays.


Joseph Haydn: ‘Qui tollis’ uit ‘Gratias agimus tibi’ from Harmoniemesse H. XXII:14

led by John Eliot Gardiner


Joseph Haydn: ‘Agnus Dei’ from Harmoniemesse H. XXII:14

led by John Eliot Gardiner


Johann Nepomuk Hummel: ‘Et incarnatus est’,  from the Mass in E-flat major, opus 80

led by Richard Hickox


Ludwig van Beethoven: Mass in C major op. 86

led by John Eliot Gardiner

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