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Stubborn Student

tue 5 mar 2024 20:00 hour

The bumpy relationship between Beethoven and Haydn


In ‘Stubborn Student’: Haydn and Beethoven.


Two superb string quartets whose main themes of the opening movements are so closely related that we suspect Haydn inspired Beethoven. Haydn’s quartet Op. 50/1 is performed on four ancient Amati instruments, two of which once belonged to Mendelssohn and one to Paganini. (see photo).

In Beethoven’s Op. 18/1, we can hear that he had learned how dramatic silence can be. He was thinking of the final moments of Romeo and Juliet.




Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in b major, Op. 50/1
Tokyo String Quartet

Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet in f major, Op. 18/1
Belcea Quartet



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