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Tango: song of Buenos Aires

Part 6: Pangs of love

Tango – Song of Buenos Aires, the social-cultural panorama of the classical tango. This time the theme is: ‘Pangs of love’.
Recordings include orchestras of: Anibal Troilo, Pedro Laurenz, Francisco Canaro, Alfredo De Angelis, Juan D’Arienzo, Francisco Lomuto, Angel d’Agostino, Lucio Demare, Osvaldo Pugliese, Rodolfo Biagi, and Carlos Di Sarli.
Singers are: Francisco Fiorentino, Juan Carlos Casas, Roberto Maida, Carlos Dante, Enrique Carbel, Jorge Omar, Cerry Brian, Jorge Omar, Angel Vargas, Héctor Farrel, Alberto Podestá, Raul Beron, Alberto Moran, Carlos Saavedra, : Roberto Goyeneche, Osvaldo Ramos.
Carlos Dante.jpgAngel Vargas.jpg
The quotes of this programme are from the book with the same name ‘Tango – Lied van Buenos Aires’ with the Dutch translation of tango songs by producer Joep à Campo. (ISBN 978-90-77232-0-2 NUR 309). Listeners of the Concertzender can order the book with a 30% discount at € 19,50 (store price € 29,80), including shipping. You can order by credit transfer of € 19,50 at bank account IBAN = NL66 INGB 0001496318 [BIC:INGBNL2A in the name of J. à Campo, Rotterdam NL, mentioning "Tango Concertzender". And of course your e-mail and home address.
With the book you gain access to the website www.acampo.nl. On which you can find the music of all songs and links to dance videos. You will receive a username and password together with the book.

  1. Los Mareados [2.35] Anibal Troilo_Troilo Fiorentino Vol 2, Singing: Francisco Fiorentino  (Juan Carlos Cobián//Enrique Cadícamo )"
  2. Como Dos Extranos [2.28] Pedro Laurenz_Milonga de Mis Amores, Singing: Juan Carlos Casas  (Pedro Laurenz//Jose M. Contursi)"
  3. El Adios [3.01] Francisco Canaro_Alma Tanguera  1927  1939, Singing: Roberto Maida  (Maruja Pacheco Huergo//Virgilio San Clemente)"
  4. Ilusion Azul [2.35] De Angelis, Dante_Valses Portenas, Singing: Carlos Dante  (Arquimedes Arce//Arquimedes Arce )"
  5. Paciencia [2.26] Juan D’Arienzo_El Esquinazo, Singing: Enrique Carbel  (Juan D’Arienzo//Francisco Gorrindo )"
  6. Caminito [3.14] Francisco Lomuto_Amor y Celos  1927  1938, Singing: Jorge Omar, Cerry Brian  (Juan de Dios Filiberto//Gabino Coria Peñaloza )"
  7. Nostalgias [3.04] Francisco Lomuto_Amor y Celos  1927  1938, Singing: Jorge Omar  (Juan Carlos Cobián//Enrique Cadícamo )"
  8. Madreselva [2.51] Angel Vargas_Grandes del Tango 10 CD 1 Orq Angel d’Agostino, Singing: Angel Vargas  (Francisco Canaro//Luis César Amadori )"
  9. Caricias [2.43] Angel Vargas_Grandes del Tango 10 CD 1 Orq Angel d’Agostino, Singing: Angel Vargas  (Juan Martí//Alfredo Bigeschi )"
  10. Abandono [2.32] Pedro Laurenz_Milonga de Mis Amores, Singing: Héctor Farrel  (Pedro Maffia//Homero Manzi )"
  11. Garua [3.08] Pedro Laurenz_Milonga de Mis Amores, Singing: Alberto Podestá  (Aníbal Troilo//Enrique Cadícamo )"
  12. Oigo Tu Voz [2.57] Raul Beron_Remy, Raul Beron 2_Lucio Demare, Singing: Raul Beron  (Mario Canaro//Francisco García Jiménez )"
  13. Hoy al Recordarla [3.17] Osvaldo Pugliese_Sus Exitos con Alberto Moran Vol 2, Singing: Alberto Moran  (José Canet//José Canet )"
  14. Sin Palabras [3.08] Rodolfo Biagi_Sus Exitos, Singing: Carlos Saavedra  (Enrique Santos Discépolo//Enrique Santos Discépolo )"
  15. La Ultima Curda [3.31] Anibal Troilo_RCA Victor 100 anos, Singing: Roberto Goyeneche  (Aníbal Troilo//Cátulo Castillo )"
  16. Sentimiento Gaucho [3.09] Juan D’Arienzo_Milonga de Mis Amores, Singing: Osvaldo Ramos  (Francisco Canaro, Rafael Canaro//Juan Andrés Caruso )"

Summary of the series:
Friday night 23 January 2015 22:00-23.00 CITY
Friday night 20 February 2015 22:00-23.00 PORT AREA
Friday night 20 March 2015 22:00-23.00 MEN
Friday night 17 April 2015 22:00-23.00 WOMEN
Friday night 15 May 2015 22:00-23.00 LOVE
Friday night 19 June 2015 22:00-23.00 PANGS OF LOVE
Friday night 17 July 2015 22:00-23.00 MORALITY Friday night 21 August 2015 22:00-23.00 OTHERS
Friday night 18 September 2015 22:00-23.00 TANGO
1st Saturday morning +8d 04:00 – 05:00
2nd Saturday night +8d 23:00 – 00:00

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