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Tango Fusión

The series Tango Fusion is about the exchanges and fusions of tango with other musical cultures and performance practices. Episode 32: Mirian Conti, part 2.

This episode features a comparison between the original composition for piano with an orchestra performance of well-known tango songs. The starting point is the recent CD Tangorama by Mirian Conti.  She plays classical tangos in original piano-solo version. Each song is followed by a later version performed by an orchestra, as indicated in the play list.


Play list:



1 Bardi- Nunca Tuvo Novio (La solterona) /CD: Tangorama Mirian Conti [1.53]

2 Nunca – Tuvo Novio  Orquesta Tipica /CD: Victor Anos1927-1934  [2.54]

3 Pascual- Arrabal/ CD Tangorama Mirian Conti[3.38]

4 Arrabal – Pedro Laurenz/CD Milonga de Mis Amores [3.04]

5 Arrabal – Osvaldo Pugliese Y Astor Piazzolla/CD Finally Together Vol 2 [3.40]

6 Laurenz-  Milonga De Mis Amores / CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [1.47]

7 Milonga de Mis Amores- Pedro Laurenz/CD Milonga Vieja Milonga [2.27]

8 Cuccaro- Silueta Porteña /CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [1.48]

9 Silueta-  Portena Juan D’Arienzo/CD De Pura Cepa [2.51]

10 Mores- El Firulete / CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [2.45]

11 El Firulete- Mariano Mores/CD The Best of [3.23]

12 Federico-Percal/ CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [2.19]

13 Percal  Anibal Troilo/ CD Yo Soy el Tango [3.12]

14 Piana- Tinta Roja/ CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [1.49]

15 Tinta Roja – Osvaldo Pugliese/CD A los Amigos[3.08]

16 Aieta-Corralera /TCD angorama Mirian Conti [1.58]

17 Corralera -Sexteto Canyenge/CD Tangueros De Holanda[2.42]

18 Gobbi-El Andariego /CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [2.36]

19 El Andariego – Color Tango/CD Con Estilo para Bailar Vol 1[3.26]

20 Pansera- Naturaleza Muerta /CD Tangorama Mirian Conti [3.15]

21 Goñi- Mi Regalo/CDTangorama Mirian Conti  [1.41]


Mirian Conti, Orquesta Tipica Victor, Pedro Laurenz, Juan D’Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Astor Piazzolla, Mariano Mores, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Sexteto Canyenge, Color Tango.