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Tangos Despreciados

fri 20 jan 2023 19:00 hrs
Composer: Anibal Troilo

Episode 9 of “Tangos Despreciados”, a tango program by Chris Zaal and Richard Frisart. This time it’s about the late instrumentals of Anibal Troilo.


The orchestra of Anibal Troilo is one of the big four from the golden years of tango, the years 1935-1955. We think especially of Troilo with singer Francisco Fiorentino, with singer Alberto Marino or the early instrumentals. But the later instrumental numbers of this orchestra sound completely different: beautiful symphonic music, but also very inflated and dramatic.


  1. Danzarín, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1958
  2. Melancólico, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1961
  3. Milongueando en el 40, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1941
  4. Toda mi vida, Orq. Anibal Troilo c. Francisco Fiorentino, 1941
  5. Inspiración, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1943
  6. Fuegos artificiales, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1945
  7. Tres y dos, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1946
  8. Patético, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1949
  9. Ojos Negros, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1953
  10. Triunfal, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1953
  11. Lo que vendrá, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1957
  12. Verano porteño, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1967
  13. Madame Ivonne, Cuarteto Troilo-Grela, 1962
  14. A Pedro Mafia, Cuarteto Troilo, 1968
  15. La bordona, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1958
  16. A fuego lento, Orq. Anibal Troilo, 1955
  17. Volver, duo Troilo-Piazzolla, 1970



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