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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 22 aug 2015 18:00 hrs
Genre: Free Jazz
Composer: Roscoe Mitchell

The American pianist and composer Muhal Richard Abrams (1930) part 4. Recordings from different ensembles from 1975-1977.

┬áSources: 01. Muhal Richard Abrams Featuring Malachi Favors – Sightsong (MR Abrams)
Black Saint BSR 0003 (lp, I)
02. Anthony Braxton – Creative Music Orchestra
Mosaic MD8-242 (8d, US)
03. Anthony Braxton with Muhal Richard Abrams – Duets 1976
Mosaic MD8-242 (8cd, US)
04. Chico Freeman – Morning Prayer
Whynot 32ED5014 (cd, J)
05. Roscoe Mitchell – Nonaah
Nessa n-9/10 (2lp, US)
06. Barry Altschul – You Can’t Name Your Own Tune
Muse MR 5124 (lp, US)
07. Leroy Jenkins feat. Muhal Richard Abrams – Lifelong Ambitions
Black Saint BSR 0033 (lp, I)

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