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The Art of the Improvisers

thu 28 jan 2016 04:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

American percussionist Hamid Drake (1955). From his Afro-American roots he moves through the world of jazz improvisation and world music with influences from Africa, India, the Middle East and Italy. On 23 January he performs with an extended ensemble at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

Carte Blanche BIMHUIS:  Hamid Drake (1)
(January 2016)
Hamid Drake & Bindu – Bindu
1. Born upon a Lotus
Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake –¬†From the River to the Ocean
Thrill Jockey
2. From the River to the Ocean
Hamid Drake & Bindu – Bindu
3. Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell, from Bindu to Oias
Mandingo Griot Society – Mandingo Griot Society
Flying Fish
4. Sounds from the Bush
Hamid Drake & Bindu – Reggaeology
5. Togetherness
Hamid Drake & Bindu – Blissful
6. The Beautiful Names
Gigi w/ Material – Mesgana Ethiopia
M.O.D. Technologies
7. Mata Mata
Lee Scratch Perry – Rise Again
M.O.D. Technologies
8. Orthodox
Paolo Angeli & Hamid Drake – Deghe
ReR megacorp / Angeli Manuche Productions SCP
9. Raffia
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Piercing the Veil
Aum Fidelity
10. Black Cherry