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The Art Of The Improvisers

thu 11 feb 2016 04:00 hour

The American percussionist Hamid Drake (1955), part 2. On 23 January 2016, he performed in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam with an extensive ensemble, of which you will now hear the sequel. Music with members of ICP and pianist Kaja Draksler, and a live remix by the Norwegian Punkt.

Carte Blanche BIMHUIS:  HAMID DRAKE (2)
Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures – Dream Garden
Justin Time Rec.
1. Twilight Lake  –  2. Spectral – 3. The Sphinx
Hamid Drake & Bindu
Bindu. Rogue Art
4. Remembering Rituals
Pharoah Sanders/Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake
Meta Records
5. The Thousand Petals Lotus
Luc Ex’ Assemblée – Assemblée
Red Note
6. Lost ‘Sol’
Antonello Salis – Giornale di Bordo
7. Dear Prudence
Lux Ex’ Assemblée – Assemblée
Red Note
8. Zajj Siht
9. When The Demiurge Looks In The Mirror
Viktor Tóth – Climbing With Mountains
BMC Records
10. Late late Serenade

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