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The Art Of The Improvisers

thu 7 apr 2016 04:00 hour

The American pianist and composer Muhal Richard Abrams (1930), tenth and final part. He is mainly active in Chicago and founder of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Recordings from 1994-2000 in various formations.

01. Muhal Richard Abrams – Think All, Focus One
Black Saint 120141-2 (cd, I)  
02. Muhal Richard Abrams – Song for All
Black Saint 120161-2 (cd, I)   
03. Muhal Richard Abrams – One Line, Two Views
New World CounterCurrents 80469-2 (cd, US)   
04. Muhal Richard Abrams & Marty Ehrlich – The Open Air Meeting
New World CounterCurrents 80512-2 (cd, US)   
05. Muhal Richard Abrams – Vision Towards Essence
Pi Recordings PI23 (cd, US)  
06. Muhal Richard Abrams – The Visibility of Thought
Mutable Music 17502-2 (cd, US)  

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