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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 23 apr 2016 18:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

The American tenor saxophone player Frank Lowe (1943-2003), part 1. He belonged to the second generation ‘free jazz’ musicians, with as source of inspiration Ornette Coleman. His sound can be recognized: sharp and metallic, because he had rubbed off the varnish of his instrument. Recordings from various compositions from 1971-1973.

 01. Juma Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society
– Father of Origin Eremite MTE-54/6 (2lp + 7" + cd, US)
02. Alice Coltrane with Strings
– World Galaxy Impulse AS-9218 (lp, US)
03. Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe
– Duo Exchange Survival SR 101 (lp, US)
04. Noah Howard
– Live at the Village Vanguard Freedom ITC 28488-5U (lp, D) 
05. Don Cherry
– Relativity Suite JCOA J2001 (lp, GB) DC schelp, cornet