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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 9 sep 2006 16:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

Saxofonist Ornette Coleman + Prime Time.

Ornette Coleman: 
1  “Native Americans”     (Ornette Coleman)        
2  “The Good Life”          (Ornette Coleman)        
3  “Birthdays and Funerals”  (Ornette Coleman)        
4  “The Artist in America”       (Ornette Coleman)        
from the CD Skies of America                                                                 Columbia CK 63568
Ornette Coleman: 
5 “Theme From a Symphony (Variation Two)”   (Ornette Coleman)    
from the CD Dancing in Your  Head                                                                          A & M  396 999-2
6“European  Echos",                                                                  (Ornette Coleman)   
from the LP Body Meta                                                                                         Artists House AH 1
James ‘Blood’ Ulmer:
7  “Moons Shines”          (James ‘Blood’ Ulmer)          
8  “Woman Coming”      (James ‘Blood’ Ulmer)          
from the LP Tales of Captain Black                                                        Artists House  AH 9407
Ornette Coleman & Prime Time: 
9  “City Living”   (Ornette Coleman)    
10 “See-Thru”      (Ornette Coleman)     
from the LP Opening the Caravan of Dreams       Caravan of Dreams Productions   CDP 85001   
Ornette Coleman & Prime Time:
11  “3 Wishes”           (Ornette Coleman)        
12  “Happy Hour”     (Ornette Coleman)