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The Art of the Improvisers

tue 5 dec 2006 16:00 
Genre: Free Jazz

British drummer Pip Pyle (1950-2006) was once part of ‘Hatfield and the North’. Since a few years this group was performing again, at the Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour 2006 (Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour 2006) for example. A few days after that concert, Pip Pyle died of a heart attack. In this hour, a look back at his impressive career with recordings from 1973 to 2003.

1. Pip Pyle’s Bash: Carousel” (Patrice Meyer)  
from the CD Belle Illusion  Cuneiform Records   Rune 193
2.  Carol Grimes & Delivery: Fighting It Out” (Phil Miller)
from the LP Fools Meeting     Philips 6369 004
     Lol Coxhill & Steve Miller:  One For You” (Steve Miller) 
from the LP Coxhill / Miller, Miller / Coxhill    Caroline C1503
3. Hatfield and the North: 
>  “Strand on the Green ”          (Dave Stewart) 
>  “Finesse is for Fairies”          (Phil Miller)     
>  “Ethanol Nurse”                    (Phil Miller)      
>  “Writhing and Grimasing”    (Phil Miller)      
from the CD Hatwise Choice   HATCO-CD73-7501
4. National Heath: 
>  “The Collapso” (Dave Stewart)                                                      
>  “Phlâkatön” (Pip Pyle)                                                                    
>  “The Bryden 2-Step, for Amphibians, part Two” (Dave Stewart)  
from the double CD National Health Complete  East Side Digital 80402/412
5. Pip Pyle’s Equipe Out: Foetal Fandango” (Pip Pyle)
from the CD Pip Pyle’s Equipe Out    Voiceprint VP213CD
6. Pip Pyle’s Bash:
> Biffo’s Belle Illusion” (Pip Pyle) 
from the CD Belle Illusion   Cuneiform Records   Rune 193